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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  April 19, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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at the village. thank you for being with us. >> live and at large, hi everybody. i am geraldo rivera. coming up we will have the latest on the volcanic eruption and the gigantic disruption it is still causing around the world. tens of thousands of passengers stranded, hundreds of millions of dollars lost every single day. that story and our probe of the pending senate showdown on financial reform that promises to dominate political news this coming week. up for a dramatic developments in two high profile further investigations we have be -- mur investigations we have been following. don chapman has the brutal murder of the case in mexico. we begin with the long search
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for haylee coming e -- cummings. it seemed on the verge of resolution. >> over the last few weeks information has been obtained by investigators that lead them to leave haleigh cummings is most likely deceased. >> you can understand why ronald would be shocked with that. he's hoping that it ends but still holding hope that maybe they are wrong maybe something else happened this will end up as another false lead. >> the investigative team has identified persons of interest in this case. >> i said tommy, i want you to tell me exactly right now, because i know in my heart exactly what you are particularsing to tell me. joe did this, didn't he? he said yes, maybe he did. >> we talked to joe over in tennessee and we interviewed him and he has an attorney and he's lawyered up. >> i can't say nothing about it. i want to say something but i don't know what to oh say.
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>> his reaction is different than it was before he went down there. he's not the same kid that he was when he went down there. he has a different attitude toward life and all, he just don't care. >> the lawyer that the cousin mentioned is itching to give his side of the story. he joins us live in a moment. let's start this at the beginning. brother craig and i were in due -- dubai monday night when we got a tip from florida cops had just found the remains of haylee cummings we have been following her case since hee went missing more than a year ago. we were told this guy joe overstreet is the suspect in her murder. the cousin of missy croslin teenaged ex-wife of the father she was baby-sitting the night she went missing.
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it turns out the tip was false or at least premature. there is no doubt authorities believe the child is dead. they have information this fellow over street may be one of the people responsible. here is craig at the scene with what we know so far. the 14 month search for haylee cummings has turned into a murder investigation since information obtained by investigators has now confirmed the little 5-year-old is likely deceased. i am comfortable with it it. i am going to have to call it a suicide. there was no longer any hope of kinding h kinding haylee cummings alive. >> the specific information will not be released at this time. >> since the little girl disappeared february 109, 2009
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missy crosler her father's girlfriend has been the focus of the investigation. her ever changing details of events leading up to and following the disappearance have made her so. >> now in jail along with her brother tommy on unrelated drug charges she was brought to the scene in handcuffs. >> people are starting to cooperate. that's why i told people it will be just a matter of time. we are going to ab september any cooperation we c -- we are goin any cooperation we can get. >> while they only say there are persons of interest three people are said to have been in the cummings home the night haylee disappeared. missy, her brother tommy. missy told me early on in the investigation she suspected cuz zin -- cousin joe. both mis see and tommy called ty over street was possible for hsh
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aylee's disappearance. >> i found out he failed his body temperature test. she says nanny i don't think i can hold this any longer. i know in my heart exactly what you are fixing to tell me. it was sometime for somebody to open their mouth. >> overstreet is opening up. >> we are trying to find justice to this little girl and her family. >> it will be several weeks of testing before the forensic evidence confirmed as part of the haley cummings case. for now the case of the missing little girl has been solved. sean is fingers by misty and brother tommy as the person responsible for haylee's
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disappearance. sean joins us in tennessee. host of "dawg the bounty hunter." i will talk to you in a second. sean to you do you deny joe over street is responsible for the murder of haylee cummings? >> all of the facts all of the information all of the viable people i have spoken to prove to me that joseph is innocent of having anything to do with haylee's disappearance. >> was he not in the area the night hayley disappeared. was he not there at the home in or around the home the night haylee cummings disappeared? >> he was in the area. he was with a friend visiting that friend's family member. he was not at home that night.
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isn't it a fact that joe over street has had jouf niem allegations of being a sex predator. >> that is an accusation alone. everything that happened as a juvenile i was protected there were a lot of wicked cruel inhumane things. >> i know from the record you do not deny it. >> i am sorry. i deny what you are saying. >> you deny he has had any sex charges as a juvenile? >> i deny that you or i have a right to discuss anything about a juvenile. >> you do not deny it. will you allow your client joe over street to take a lie detector test in light of these allegations from his cousin misty apparently and brother tommy and the grandmother. will you allow him to take a lie
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detector test? >> n it is not for me to allow deny. i won't discuss that in public. i am not here to make a mockery of joe's rights he is being abused by the media. let's gi listen to what his grandmother told nancy grace about that. here is his grandmother. >> three grand kids said i don't know why but i sure like to know why. they have no remorse or something. nobody decides to say anything number i had tommy on the phone. i am the one who called detectives and sent them to the river. i was told by misty and told them they tied a yellow rope around her. bottom of the road and throwed her into the river.
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that come from misty's mouse into my ear. i was told misty knocked her in the head and killed her and joe and tommy got rid of her. >> knocked her in the head with what, a cinder block? >> no, just a piece of wood or something is the day it was put to me. >> who told you that? >> it come from one of them in florida is all i can say. >> sean, comment on what grandma is saying? >> there's nothing really to comment about what grandma says. she wasn't there. the story has changed numerous times. >> that is true, that is true. >> it is not viable, it's not reliable. it's not even report worthy and the sad thing is this woman keeps being interviewed and then it's put out in the public. there's no way of confirming what she says has any credibility whatsoever.
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>> do you expect your client to be arrested any time soon? >> i would home not. joseph is a victim of this poor child's disappearance. he's already being injured emotionally and to drag this boy further through the system and through the just detriment to his personality and his spirit would be another failure to this sewsite. >> dawg chapman, dawg the bounty hunter joins us from honolulu. isn't it almost a certainty the perpetrator of this child's kidnapping and murder is someone in the inner circle? she's being baby sat by the stone subject wasted 17-year-old. isn't it inevitable whofr snatched her was part of the family circle?
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>> i hate to be a sidewalk attorney or sidewalk jury but i would say absolutely. sounds like the grandma has made someone confess. if you don't do the actual murder and you help get rid of the body or get rid of the evidence, you are in that state just as guilty as you did it. you get charged with accessory but in this kind of case right now i would like to tell all these kids the first one to talk usually walks. you know that geraldo. someone right now needs to call geraldo rivera and say this is what happened and it's how it went down. the first one that talks about this will get maybe a probation and will not get a life sentence. if they shut up and depend on lawyer when is it comes to the media it has to do with the child like this not a lot of times can even lawyers help. right now it's come to the altar, confess and hope the ball falls in your corner. >> i also want to say crystal sheffield the child's real
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mother after being briefed by the cops came out and muttered joe, joe killed my baby. his attorney is absolutely right. he's innocent unless and until proven guilty. dawg you stand by. we will talk about that mexico producer case, shawn, you sound like adequate council for your client. appreciate you coming out. >> when we come back he is the only suspect in his wife's murder. seems the survivor producer has a lover. that story is on kate gosselin's latest beef with her brother. remember the pop see fields in afghanistan? we will show you what all that dope is doing to kids in america back i i i i i i ♪
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>> the restaurant owner who was strangled and beaten to death at a resort earlier this month her battered body found dumped in a nearby sewer producer or cbs survivor and pimp my ride remains the only suspect in the case. only as tmz is publishing a picture of this guy arm and arm with a woman named joy pierce we have that picture. that's him on the right who report the to be his mistress. radar on-line is reporting exclusively that dna results are expected as early as tomorrow morning. and reporter alexis joins us from los angeles. alexis, is this dna do you believe this will nail the coffin on the husband and will it nail him as the murderer of his wife?
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>> mexican authorities told us there was one suspect it was bruce. they were beg going to confirm until the results. we believe it will be true. >> there are people arguing allegedly even her screaming for help. what was the beef? was it the girlfriend pictured in the tmz photo? >> it is. we understand her name is joy pierce. casting director. she worked on two shows with bruce about five years ago she met him when they worked on a show called the contender. last year they worked on a show called crash course. monica's sister told us about this affair about three months ago and she was furious. it had been going on for 6 months prior to that. she was mad at bruce. she went to mexico to try to work out her marriage. the fact that he perhaps could have killed her there is contrary to what her family
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thought. they thought they were going there to work it out and it ended up violent and ended up in her death. >> isn't there an allegation the children witnessed the dad beating the mother strangling the mother to death? >> there had been conversation about the children being there in mexico in the same room. they would not go to the children because it would be too psychologically damaging to the children. it has been speculating they were in the room. the children are back in california. >> good reporting. >> i know you have a low opinion of mexican justice after what happened to you. but you detail it in your new best selling book. but in this case again doesn't us suspicion start at home? the husband has a girlfriend he has scratches on his body he has a time line alibi that doesn't
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work. >> suspicion does start at home geraldo. scratches on the body. people hearing help from a female, please save me. in mexico now you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. in y in the united states it's vice ver versa. if you want to pick one of the worse countries to go to for murder it would be mexico. i don't advise anybody to run but i heard they let him go while they are investigating, looking at forensics on the remains and he's not under house arrest or nothing. that part is strange to me. we were allowed to leave the jail also but they were under constant guard. i don't think they let him walk around i am sure he has a guard with him. in any country murder is terrible but in mexico it's not the system we are used to. >> dawg, thank you.
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alexis thank you. bruce is about to go down for the count it seems. neck big battle ground financial
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>> taxpayers will not be on the hook for bailing out these large institutions for their mistakes in the future. >> for the president to politicize this in the same speech where he sadie politicize it in is amusing. they are putting up web adds trying to attack republicans on this issue. i thought he wanted us to have a by is that right p -- by partis. >> convinced he has a winner on financial reform the president is vowing to take his message to the voters with a grand tour including rallies designed to
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portray americans is over cozy with wall street. that approach worked with healthcare will it work with financial reform. since everybody hates wall street is there room for a by partisan compromise. tom price a member of the financial services committee joins us from atlanta. why do you say congressman isn't there a dealing after the enrollment -- after the goldman sachs allegations and everything else we heard since the bailouts the system is rigged against the average person that wall street is screwing us 6 ways to sunday? >> there mayen that perception. wall street goldman sachs in particular supported democrats 4-5 over republican sz. what connolly was getting at the reservoir of trust they have across this land is relatively thin. it worked on healthcare it may have worked with get a bill passed but didn't work to solve
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a challenge in the way american people support. if the president wants to go with just one party they can do that but they will put in place permanent bailout authority. we don't believe the united states ought to be bailing out companies any more. the president does. doesn't do anything about fanny and freddie. we believe they were part of the real culprit of the problem. they don't want to address that issue we do. it will put in place regulatory for the government reaching into the lives of the american people. we don't believe that's the right thing to do. we believe in big citizen small government. >> are the republicans going to offer an alternative. in healthcare all of the say no say no and where is the financial proposal? where is the bill i can hole in my hands and say they are going to regulate derivatives and
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shady deals and crack down on the abuses? >> we introduced a bill in the finances committee to make sure we addressed the issues of fanny and freddie and have expedited resolution authority no more bailout from the federal government decrease the regulatory scheme that puts themselves into the lives of american people b charges curre ones that puts it in financial services market instead of regulating the scheme and bureaucracy we need them to do their job in the first place. >> good luck to you. thank you representative tom price of georgia. thank you very much. i am reluctant to reveal my personal references on moat issues. before we go to break the st. louis based american mustache
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institute proposing a $250 tax incentive for peopleeeeee w w ww
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>> reporter: toyota expected to sign an agreement this morning to pay a fine of more than $16 million for a delay in reporting defective gas pedals and 30 days to pay fines. reports show the auto maker knew of the problem in september but waited four months for a recall. the fine doesn't release the company for liability claims. the japanese auto maker recalled more than eight million vehicles because of acceleration and breaking problems. and a deadly earthquake rattling mountains north of kabul in afghanistan. the tremor striking in the saragon region. and the quake could be felt in
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the capitol and two neighboring countries. now back to geraldo at large. k to geraldo at large. >> the four mat was planned and formal. john and kate signed a complicated contract the children were told it was christmas morning. it was so the camera crew could get the genuine reaction of the children. it wasn't until after until later that they were told that it was not christmas morning. they did it for the show. i am kimberly guilfoyle. >> $250 is is a small price to pay. >> i will give you 500. >> geraldo poluza. that was uncle kevin of john and 8 plus 8 fame testifying in court this week about the reality's deceptive plan to use their kids against child labor
1:32 am
laws. in tonight's case jock -- dockt we look at the show and the tole it's taking on kate. hear here's what she said abo in the response to the allegations. they were saying things untrue about us. i have not allowed them to see the kids for two years. i am not quite sure what information they think they might have. i can't -- every single time they were visiting my kids they would turn around and be on some sort of a show the next day. talking about what it is they saw inside our house. with that kind of trust ruined and knowing they have made hundreds of thousands of dollars on lies about us i am not sure what their goals are. they were a part of our show. >> as the fans look forward to the dance the question of whether ca kate used her 8 for
1:33 am
prophet remains. here to get a dish life and style contributing editor. >> i know you are the person to go to on this. everybody is talking about john and kate and how they will effect all of this. >> what's the buzz about the major melt down. >> you know first of all that brother who uz he think he is. all he wants to do is make money off of kate's situation. he has been known to pedal his stories for tens of thousands of dollars that's not brotherly love. >> she says he who had access to him in the past two years. how is he claiming to have credible relevant information about what's going on in the home life of the children and whether they are being exploited at all. >> that's exactly the case. the truth is the state of pennsylvania looked into it.
1:34 am
they agreed there probably should have been work permits to the kids. they also found out there were no transgressions that happened. all they ask is 15 percent of prophets be put in the trust. her brother needs to go away. probably wishes he could put him on the plane with the note like the kid sent home to russia. >> wants to send him back one way do not return to sender. >> kate doesn't come off so favorable on camera especially the way she was talking to john and then the kids. but she got a little snippy when they asked her you are being so nice now mommy. she didn't like that. >> it is not easy for kate. she is raising 8 kids she is a single mom, john has yet to find a job. she is getting a lot of negative feedback for doing dancing with the stars in truth she is earning more than a working
1:35 am
single mother in a normal job would earn in three years. all in about six-week time. since when has it become not working or not working well when you are working in the entertainment try. you don't see any one getting down on angelina jolie orring if on a movie set for 15 hours a day. >> at least she is trying to help her family make money and support her children. maybe he should do the same i don't know just a thought. rachel we know we can count on you. >> wouldn't be a bad idea. >> it's a good idea. we are going to check back into geraldo. i will see you next time in new york. >> thank you. >> geraldo. >> i like kate. i didn't before but i do now. >> you like her dancing? >> i guess. but i like her spunk. >> she is got a lot of -- she is a single mom trying to get support. he's asking to have full custody because she is devoting too much time. i think he may want honey from
1:36 am
her. >> he's a knuckle head. >> you are going to join my movement? >> be fair to phage el -- facial hair. cash for the stache. >> the volcano with the unpronounceable name continues to inflect problems on the economies of the world and stranded travelers. here is weekend update. >> air traffic throughout europe was shut down this week by huge clouds of ash shot into the air by iceland's i hope i am saying this right, volcano. >> before the report on the glimmer of hope let's go to ground zero of the aviation catastrophe. the atlantic island nation of iceland robert nesbit reports. >> this is about as close as you can get to the volcano on the
1:37 am
ground. you can see the effect of the floor. there was flooding which brought lumps of ice onto the valley floor here and the farmer who we spoke to earlier on today said he hadn't seen anything like this before. he expressed to us his greatest fear was not what was happening at the moment in the volcano behind me but the volcano next door. he points to what happened in 1823 the last time this volcano exploded and it kept erupting for two years and that finished to the reeruption of the volcano it was much larger and they feared should that go after this particularly rupgs then the consequences could be far greater. one thing that does really strike you here is that the local effects was minor many have returned home.
1:38 am
while you have a 21st century transport into the structure almost entirely grounded by this force, locally the effects are really much smaller by comparison. sky news our sister station thank you very much. you know, the inconvenience inflicted on the tens of thousands almost indescribable. founder of fliers she joins us from san francisco. what are they saying to poor people? what if they have no money? what do they do? >> well, they need to be in action they need to call customer service. they need to call our hotline. 1-877-359-3776 when they do this we will keep them in touch with a group in europe that is called eu claims. they will help them get any compensation that may be due for them. if they are looking to rebook
1:39 am
their flights and they call us we can tell them every flight that's scheduled that is not cancelled on any airline. we can explain to them whether or not that airline is a company chair or inner line partner with the airline they were scheduled to be on so we can force the airline they were on to book them on another air carrier if the airline they were originally on doesn't have any flights. >> you have been receiving as i said tons of calls. we have some of them on tape. here is is a sampling of what they are hearing. >> they have been giving them a complete run around. they are saying they won't refund their money. we booked through expedia saying they are going to have to pay for their way home. there is a lot of stuff going on. now they are saying they might not have any flights for the next few days and they are not getting any hotel accommodation or anything. i am trying to figure out what our rights are because they are telling my family they are not going to give them any money.
1:40 am
they are waiting to extend my flight just to return back home. >> all of that anguish. i don't know how you deal with it emotionally. >> it is really hard. especially in a situation like this where the airlines have been bleeding money for several years. they have no customer service and they don't want to help passengers unless they are forced into it. it is difficult being at such a distance from we where they are. there are moneys there that are virtually guaranteed $250 if you are delayed for two hours, 250 euro. 600 euro if you are delayed for 3 hours or more or your flight is canceled. so there are some caveats to that. but we can work with them. we can accomplish getting those funds. any one who's life is canceled is due a refund for any of the unused portions of their tickets. peas people should never be on the hook for those moneys. we help them get that money
1:41 am
back. quite frankly because the group has become so successful at getting certain basic standards the airlines are afraid of us. >> good. >> when they know people called us they are more likely to respond rather than have a government entity get involved and force them to pay the passengers what they are owed. >> fliers rights one thank you. we have heard they opened the airports or will tomorrow. so southern tier of europe are opening up. they are estimating 50 percent of flights if the tests continue to show an abatement of this terrible condition will be flying tomorrow but it will take days, weeks, before all of this is sorted out. think of all of the patience rishable cargos a-as long with all of the people inconvenienced. it the never ending poppy fields of afghanistan.
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where does all that dope end up? an at
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♪ we created our college of business and management... after collaborating with business leaders. we wanted our curriculum to match market needs, preparing you for today's most sought-after careers. in fact, we have not one but five specialized colleges, offering you bachelor's degree programs that... are both relevant and highly maetable. devry university. discover education working at >> how much is this field worth? >> (speaking foreign language) >> like 100,000 afghani. >> 100,000 afghani?
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oo it is difficult to under state the drug trade in afghanistan. opium is every where. source of 90 percent of the world's supply it's difficult to find an irrigated piece of land not planted with opium. it is larger than the sum total of all foreign aid. under froding were the u.s. afghan government is encouraging crop substitution. the governor explains. >> we have plan for the people we are going to give them money and (inaudible) >> the marine commander is realistic about the program as prospects. >> isn't it a tough sell to get rid when it's the big money maker? >> it is an extremely tough
1:47 am
sell. there has been no government in years. this is how the people live. this is how they make their money and feed their families. trying to tell them to plow their poppy fields and plant weed is a tall order for the governor. >> in an effort to win over the local's forces they are ignoring the crop that is not nearly receiving the attention it did he deserves. it is flat out weird. >> one told me it was aggravating to watch a harvest like this understanding fully what this crop is and what it will become. i think the higher ups and people in the obama administration and others in the united nations and governments of europe have an explanation they owe the people of the world. they are allowing this harvest to take place because they want to keep the peace here but what hav rock they are wreaking in the cities and towns of western europe and the united states is
1:48 am
incalculable. it is something that is extremely distasteful. >> distasteful, dangerous. there are an estimated half a million heroin addicts in america. no longer the stereotype from the 1960s. before we meet an addict in the suburbs dr. denny carise legendary drug treatment center joins me in new york. the price going to go plunging down because the dope is going to flood into that country and into western europe. isn't it already cheap? >> it is already incredibly cheap. treatment programs in texas they are getting it for 2.50 and that's black tar heroin. new york new england area these are kids that could spend their lunch money for a hit. >> how are these suburban kids getting hooked? >> that's the important thing
1:49 am
about this epidemic. they are using ox cotton you don't wake up one day in the marching band and on the honor roll and say i think i am going to try shooting dope. you get to a party your friends, your parent's medicine cabinet you get an ox cotton vicodin and start taking it. you take it longer get doctor shopping start prescription maybe from the internet and ox cotton at $45 a pill. witch over to heroin doesn't seem like such a big deal. >> for 5 bucks you get stoned much more easily. >> you get stoned more easily easier to get. not a quick jump from there from snorting it injecting it. >> it is a disaster. it is an absolute humiliation in the united states. it is pathetic. you have to reverse this. stand by dr. curie when we come back the new face of heroin
1:50 am
addiction. kids in the suburbs 5 bucks their lunch money on dope after
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1:53 am
>> continuing the probe of the misguided poppy ohm opium prodn alone. meet kevin he was addicted to heroin, is, was, d i don't knoww you characterize it. his mother also joins us. thank you for being here. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> how old were you when you got started? >> almost 16. >> how did it happen? >> how did it happen? >> i was hanging around friends usually and you start out smoking pot, drinking. they eventually started using
1:54 am
heroin and other drugs cocaine. >> you snort it first? >> yes. >> then what? >> after a couple months i started injecting it. >> where did you get the money? >> anywhere. i stole, i robbed, i swindelled. anyway i could get the money to get the next hit. >> and mom, did you ever think that something like ghetto dr d like this -- >> i had no idea until he got arrested no idea what he was doing. >> your reaction when it happened? >> totally devastated. ruined our whole family. hard to get him treatment. we have no rights. there's no place to go for help. they finally decided they didn't want to go for -- they wanted to go for help you find a bed for them. they are in and out for treatment. >> 28 days and after that you
1:55 am
are done. >> 28 days and heroin addiction is forever. >> what do you think? old saying once a junky always a junky? do you believe that? >> once an addict always going to be an addict. addict state of mind. it will never leave you always going to be with you going through active recovery. i feel like it's -- i am always going to be an addict. i am always going to be in a situation where i could relapse but i don't believe once a junkie always going to be a junkie. i am always going to be a recovering addict. >> are you hopeful, mom? >> i am very hopeful. that's all i think about his recovery. it is devastating. it rips the family apart. >> the policy for the dope to be grown? >> it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. i thought they were going to tefrn it all and get rid of it. that's who i was hoping for.
1:56 am
it's coming over and getting worse and worse. >> doctor grease phoenix house the schools whe are the place where -- >> our kids across the country new england new york, they get heroin for their siblings and friends and buy is in school. this is not a corner where kids are going to until kids get really hooked to get the drugs from somebody they don't know. they get it from friends at school. >> i wish you the best. i hoech this appearance starts something great for you. i wish you the best. >> it's worth it if it saves somebody else's life. >> thank you for having the courage to come on. couldn't have been easy. >> doctor at phoenix house we love you. you are dealing with a whole new set of problems here. >> we are. >> you folks at home remember whif you are looking for a new movement $250 as year. you back me on this? >> we have it going on.
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